A Canadian Tradition Since 1930


Since 1930, Welcome Wagon has personally greeted more than 20 million people in various lifestyle changes, and personally promoted thousands of businesses through Welcome Wagon visits.

Our service was inspired by the frontier settlers and their conestoga wagons, greeting new pioneer families on the prairies. We revived this tradition with our Representative and her basket.

Today, more than 1,000 Welcome Wagon Representatives greet approximately 300,000 families a year.

They may be relocating to a new home, expecting or have a new baby, or be planning a wedding. Each of these circumstances creates particular needs, and Welcome Wagon has specialized services tailored to each one. New Businesses & Professionals/Newly Appointed Executives are recognized and important contacts established through a visit in their place of business.

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Here's what Sponsors have to say about Welcome Wagon:

" Welcome Wagon is our most favorite way of advertising our business! I can’t believe it has been 10 years; we look forward to many more. "
Cheryl, Archer's Flooring Ltd.

" I am pleased to take this opportunity to thank Welcome Wagon Ltd. for the incredibly valuable service they have provided to the city of North Bay and its surrounding area as well as its new residents. We are proud to be associated with Welcome Wagon Ltd. and have obtained new clientele throughout the community welcome program. We value the importance of our relationship… "
Dr. Mike Cobean, Optometric Professional Corporation

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