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About Us

Our service was inspired by frontier settlers and their Conestoga wagons in the mid- to late-18th century. Their communal ways of greeting new pioneer families on the prairies laid the foundation for Welcome Wagon. Since opening our first office in Vancouver in 1930, we’ve grown to represent nearly every major centre in the country. Our exclusive local deals, services and events are offered in countless smaller communities as well. We’ve personally greeted countless Canadians.

Welcome Wagon is a Canadian national service that provides personal visits, and free online coupons (in selected areas) and organizes events in over 500 communities across the country. Partnering with local businesses from coast to coast, our exclusive deals and services help families with lifestyle changes, such as moving to a new neighbourhood, getting married or having a baby. We also offer personalized marketing services for the businesses we partner with.

Recently, we launched a Digital Coupon campaign. While Welcome Wagon continues to visit families on their move, there are many two- income families with little time to accept a visit. In some areas, especially in major centres, our door-to-door neighbourly visits are a thing of the past. That’s why we now provide customized digital coupons (in selected areas) from area businesses, sent straight to residents’ computers and smartphones.