Client and Corporate

The Gift of Love gift offers a selection of items perfect for employee recognition, corporate, and client gift-giving. Also, the items in every package are infused with local products that you can enjoy. Packaging options are also available such as mailer boxes, wooden boxes, and gift boxes.

Some of our corporate + client gifts include:

1. Lil (Coffee)

What is inside the box?

Ground Coffee (Hand-roasted)

This is a combination of caramel, hazelnut, chocolate, and dried fruits.

Salted Caramel Snack Pack (Shorties)-

This delicious treat is made with salted caramel, butter, and brown sugar.

Dark Chocolate Pecans Snack

2. Mary (Unwind)

What is inside the box?

Face Mask (Alabaster)

This face mask’s ingredients will brighten and hydrate your skin. It is also full of vitamin C, E, and A and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Eye Pillow (Lavender)

This is a perfect inclusion to your daily routine. This eye pillow will help you relax after your yoga practice and before you sleep.

Small Dried Florals

SelfCare Candles

This candle will give you a relaxing experience after a tiring day. It has an authentic blend of spa sage and citrus that creates a bright and fresh scent.

Vanilla Lip Balm (Compostable)

3. Lilliam Coffee

What is inside the box?

Shortbread (Brown Sugar)

These shortbreads are made perfect in every bite and not too sweet.

Ground Coffee

Ponpon Cookies

These are buttery cookies that are hand-crafted with delicious tastes that melt in your mouth.

4. Rain Treats

What is inside the box?

Raw Honey

It is creamy and smooth honey in a reusable jar. It is also perfect for clients with a preferred diet (Kosher, Halal).

3 am Tea

Cocoa Bar (Cookies and Cream)

This delightful bar has a creamy and chocolaty base with many cookie crumbles on top.

Yogi Snacks

This is a variety of healthy nuts with a perfect blend of flavored cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and Greek yogurt on top to balance the flavours. It aids in healthy digestion.

5. Connie Pantry

What is inside the box?

Strawberry Jam

The strawberries were handpicked right at the time of their ripeness. They are cooked per batch and perfect for any slice of bread.

Canadian BBQ Sauce

Smoke Rub

It includes smoked meats such as pork, turkey, and chicken.

Onion Jam (French)

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