6 Outdoor Lighting Gift Ideas

Outdoor Lighting Gift Ideas

The Christmas season is around the corner. Usually, this time of the year, people indulge in lighting displays to beautify their homes’ inner and outer parts.

This article will discuss several outdoor lighting ideas, including some recommended solar outdoor lights. These lights will give the surroundings of your home a pleasant aesthetic appeal, and they will do this all year long.

1. Outdoor LED Lighting

This type of outdoor lighting is available in different shapes and sizes. There are planters, and some LED lightings have a remarkable semblance to sculptures. This outdoor lighting is a perfect gift for everyone who loves spending time on their patio, garden, front yard, or backyard. Let lights give outdoor spaces a modern, elegant and sophisticated look.

The cost of this lighting varies depending on the variant you’re going for. Prices can be as low as $50, and some variants can go for more than $2k. If you’re looking for outdoor lighting to captivate visitors and onlookers, you should go for the Atomium Lamp.

2. Lighthouse Outdoor Torches

Lighthouse Outdoor Torches

The inspiration for this lighting was drawn from Scandinavian lighthouses. This lighting is prominent for its sleek lines and is regarded by many lighting experts as the modern version of tiki torches.

Christian Bjorn commented that Lighthouse Outdoor Torches don’t burn with little fire. Instead, it burns like a raging bonfire and maintains this kind of lighting even when the weather is very windy.

The lighting comes in varying heights, ranging from 9.5 to 26.5 inches tall. The prices also range from as low as $90 to as high as $240.

3. Hurricane Lamp

This outdoor lighting has a silicone bottom which makes wax removal very easy. You have to remove the wax to bend or flex the lamp’s base. The light also has a bottom hole that allows air to lessen sooting. You can use the lamp’s handle to hang it in various places, such as a tree or a wall hook.

You can also place it vertically, on the table, for instance. It has versatile applications. The height of the lamp is 6.7 inches, but it measures up to 10.4 inches if you include its handle.

The price is $65, but you can get it for less in an eCommerce store.

4. Tree-rings

Judson Beaumont designed this lighting. This lighting used mirrored plexiglass, beetle pine, and cool fluorescent light. Beetle kill pine is strongly linked to the mountain pine beetle, a bark beetle known for killing trees and carrying a fungus that gives the tree a bluish-gray color.

This odd color triggered the initial general impression that it was a low-grade wood. However, it has become famous for being eco-friendly and visually appealing recently. As a result, it’s now being used for cabinets, floors, and panels, among others.

The small-sized variant (11 inches in height and 15 inches in width) of this lighting costs $400, and the bigger-sized variant (13 inches in height and 16 inches in width) costs $600.

5. Sun Jar Solar Lamp

This lighting is modeled like a mason jar, and it emits light in the form of a sun-like and soft glow. Efficient solar cells power this lighting with three low-energy LED lights. So you can directly expose this lighting to the sun to charge.

When the weather is rainy or cloudy, you can charge the lamp using a conventional battery charger. The lamp is also water-proof, making it great for indoor and outdoor usage.

The dimensions of this lighting are approximately 6.3 inches in height and 4 inches in diameter. It costs $40.

6. Trellis Outdoor Floor Lamp

This outdoor lighting has a bronze finishing. It’s unique because it gives both textural interest and lighting to more modern settings, apart from its appearance.

It’s pretty tall, measuring up to 51 inches tall. It costs about $234.

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