Special / Corporate Orders

In The Gift of Love shop, gift boxes are available for both individual consumers and corporate. Our shop caters to all gift baskets you need, from small party gifts to larger corporate offerings. The shop is open for preferences and budget discussion. The Gift of Love has various basket selections to choose from, and a special arrangement for corporate clients with larger numbers of gifts is possible.

Gift Boxes for Diabetic

For clients with diabetes, the shop can arrange healthy boxes based on their health preferences. The package contains sugar-free goodies and healthy foods. We have low-carb foods because foods high in carbs are prohibited for diabetic clients. You can order things like cheese, mustards, olive oil, and sugar-free candies and cookies.

Order Arrangement for Corporate Gifts

The Gift of Love can serve personalized company logos and greetings of your choice. Please feel free to contact the shop for special arrangements such as specialized delivery or customized item needs.