7 Water Filters That Make a Fantastic Wedding Gift

Shopping for a wedding gift is not always a walk in the park. While considering your budget, your gift needs to be practical, and it needs to be something that the couple will love. You could always have traditional or practical gifts like a vacuum cleaner, wine glasses, champagne flutes, or a stand mixer. However, one gift many do not even consider is a water filter.
A water filter is an excellent wedding gift that is practical, useful, and thoughtful. There are many beautiful and efficient water filters and popular water pitchers on the…

Outdoor Lighting Gift Ideas

6 Outdoor Lighting Gift Ideas

The Christmas season is around the corner. Usually, this time of the year, people indulge in lighting displays to beautify their homes’ inner and outer parts.
This article will discuss several outdoor lighting ideas, including some recommended solar outdoor lights. These lights will give the surroundings of your home a pleasant aesthetic appeal, and they will do this all year long.
1. Outdoor LED Lighting
This type of outdoor lighting is available in different shapes and sizes. There are planters, and some LED …

Best Gifts For Men

A Guide to Buying the Best Gifts For Men

It can be frustrating to buy gifts for the men in your life. After all, they always say that they do not want or need anything! This makes it challenging to figure out what present to get them. Vape industry experts have put the number even higher, as high as several million dollars. You have lucked out if you already know that they are into vaping or some other niche hobby. If this is not the case, do not worry because this guide is here to help you out.
When you are running low on ideas, why not give your male loved ones any of the following gifts?
Beer Subscription
Is your …


Care Package Ideas for College Students

Gifts have always been a way to the hearts of people. Sending gifts for college students greatly shows your love and support. There are a lot of things that you can send across, ranging from toiletries to snacks. Whatever you decide to send, your students in college will much appreciate you.
This article is a compilation of care package ideas you can pull off for that student you want to gift. If you know their preferences or favorite snacks…

Client and Corporate

The Gift of Love gift offers a selection of items perfect for employee recognition, corporate, and client gift-giving. Also, the items in every package are infused with local products that you can enjoy. Packaging options are also available such as mailer boxes, wooden boxes, and gift boxes.
Some of our corporate + client gifts include:
1. Lil (Coffee)
What is inside the box?
Ground Coffee (Hand-roasted)–
This is a combination of caramel, hazelnut, chocolate, and dried fruits.
Salted Caramel Snack Pack (Shorties)-…

Gift Boxes for Everyone

Be amazed by gift-giving boxes full of love from local brands. The Gift of Love shop encourages everyone to shop locally, support a charity, and be an environmental advocate. Be part of doing business with a purpose.
Our gift boxes offer different packaging options of your choice, such as mailer boxes, gift box or wooden boxes. All packages come from 100% recycled materials. The mailer box is more eco-friendly since it is tied with tissue paper and a satin ribbon. Our gift boxes contained 100% recycled content while our wooded boxes are made …


Essentials by Nature

Essentials by Nature is committed to promoting wellness through the wonders of nature. Most of their products are formulated from plant-based ingredients and organic essential oils.
Moreover, the ingredients used are free from harmful chemicals, dyes, paraben, synthetic fragrance, formaldehyde, and sulfates. The company makes an effort to build sustainable testing, processes, testing, and packaging of their products in small batches.
One of their products that stand out is the Hand Cream (citrus rose). This hand cream profoundly moistens your skin and amazingly resolves dryness in the skin, cuticles, hands, elbows, and …


Everything You Should Know About Shipping and Packing of Supplies

Other than eco-friendly materials, The Gift of Love also commits to sustainability. It is not a secret that we reuse all packages received to come up with gift boxes. For shipping box fillers, every kraft paper is 100% recycled and collected for shipping.
A massive roll of collected fillers is still intact and available as of writing and waiting to be used for shipment. We use recycling materials like wrappers, peanuts, bubble wraps, or other kinds of fillers in our shipping packages.
Basically, we are big on reusing and this is evident in our product packaging. The Gift of Love strongly believes that as long as the packaging…


Shop Local

Welcome to The Gift of Love’s first blog. The purpose of writing a blog is to demonstrate how much thankful our shop is to all local businesses and makers who commit and authorize us to present and sell their high-quality products in every gift box. Being part of this genuine business collaboration is such an honor.
Furthermore, to highlight and commend small businesses, our team is dedicated to posting blogs every week. Other relevant information will also be included in every blog so customers will get informed and aware of these businesses’ notable works.
Additionally, the information gathered is from …