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Best Subscription Boxes for Christmas – Keep Giving

Christmas is a favorite holiday season around the world. It’s time for family reunions, spending time with friends, and Christmas gifts. The latter is a tricky one. Deciding on the best Christmas gifts for your loved ones isn’t the easiest task. But guess what? You don’t have to come up with the gifts- at least not directly. Why not gift an ongoing experience with subscription boxes for Christmas?

Subscribing to the best subscription boxes in Canada allows you to keep giving long after the holidays. The lucky recipient …

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Crafting A Thoughtful CBD Gift Basket for Friends and Family

Whether for your best friend’s birthday, a family member, or your parent’s anniversary, a thoughtful gift shows you care. However, special occasions warrant unique gifts like quality CBD products.
This is where a CBD gift basket can come in handy, recommends Danielle from It is a great way to show your loved ones that you care. And it also ensures that they receive top-notch cannabidiol products tailored to their needs.
But crafting the perfect CBD gift basket isn’t just an art but also a science. Sure, you can always pick up ready-made baskets at any cannabis store. But wouldn’t you instead go the extra mile and check your loved one’s wish list?
So, let’s save you some time coming up with gift ideas.
We’ll walk you…

Client and Corporate

The Gift of Love gift offers a selection of items perfect for employee recognition, corporate, and client gift-giving. Also, the items in every package are infused with local products that you can enjoy. Packaging options are also available such as mailer boxes, wooden boxes, and gift boxes.
Some of our corporate + client gifts include:
1. Lil (Coffee)
What is inside the box?
Ground Coffee (Hand-roasted)–
This is a combination of caramel, hazelnut, chocolate, and dried fruits.
Salted Caramel Snack Pack (Shorties)-
This delicious treat is made with salted caramel, butter, and brown sugar.
Dark Chocolate Pecans Snack
2. Mary (Unwind)
What is inside the…

Gift Boxes for Everyone

Be amazed by gift-giving boxes full of love from local brands. The Gift of Love shop encourages everyone to shop locally, support a charity, and be an environmental advocate. Be part of doing business with a purpose.
Our gift boxes offer different packaging options of your choice, such as mailer boxes, gift box or wooden boxes. All packages come from 100% recycled materials. The mailer box is more eco-friendly since it is tied with tissue paper and a satin ribbon. Our gift boxes contained 100% recycled content while our wooded boxes are made from locally sourced birchwood and pine.
Below are listings of gift boxes:
1. Irish
What’s inside the box?
Lemon Lip Balm (Compostable…