Gift Boxes for Everyone

Be amazed by gift-giving boxes full of love from local brands. The Gift of Love shop encourages everyone to shop locally, support a charity, and be an environmental advocate. Be part of doing business with a purpose.

Our gift boxes offer different packaging options of your choice, such as mailer boxes, gift box or wooden boxes. All packages come from 100% recycled materials. The mailer box is more eco-friendly since it is tied with tissue paper and a satin ribbon. Our gift boxes contained 100% recycled content while our wooded boxes are made from locally sourced birchwood and pine.

Below are listings of gift boxes:

1. Irish

What’s inside the box?

Lemon Lip Balm (Compostable)

This is a scented lip balm with a combination of plant extracts, essential oils, and the aroma of beeswax. It is wrapped in a compostable tube from recycled paper has a secured cover. Based on tests, the empty tube can decompose in 14 days.

Bath Bars (Eucalyptus)-

Feel fresh and moisturize with these bath bars. Experience a luxury bath with essential oils and butter to enhance silky smooth skin.

Champagne Popcorn (Edible)

Delicious white kernel popcorn with smooth Belgian chocolate filled with champagne extract. It is then sprinkled with sugar-like crystals, making it perfect for snacking.

2. Rose

What is inside the box?

Rose Soap

This bar soap is produced with rose clay and shea butter. The base part is made of glycerin soap while the bottom has activated charcoal.

Soy Candle (Rose)

This candle is an integrated fragrance of sweet rose oil with similar freshness to the garden rose.

3. Mikaela

What is inside the box?

Black Tea (Chocolate Mint)

This tea is rich in cocoa flavors. If you want to sit back and relax, this is the perfect drink to enjoy.

Journal of a Strong Woman

Having this journal will make you realize how strong you have always been. Its purpose is for self-love, reflection, empowerment, and to recognize your unique self.

Vanilla Shortbread

Its goodness is made with vanilla beans and creamy butter. It’s a perfect treat for everyone.

Nail Polish

No harmful chemicals are added and it is acknowledged as cruelty-free nail polish.

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